Top gadgets for a smart home

The newest in technology to increase your life at home, right in the kitchen to your bedroom.

Griffin PowerDock 5

Griffin’s latest PowerDock is your definition of easy technology. It’s by no means revolutionary, but it gets the job done efficiently. Each charging interface packs 10 watts of power, which is great for charging iOS apparatus. It is also strong enough to control Kindle and Android devices.

The Orange Chef Prep Pad

Prep Pad uses bluetooth connectivity using an iOS apparatus to not only weigh ingredients but also give their nutrient value. This will not help men whose idea of cooking is calling the area take-away joint, but for those of us who cook, this is a must-have gadget.


If you’ve ever lived in a house with strangely shaped windows, you know that finding blinds or drapes to fit them is a hassle. SONTE film can be trimmed to particular measurement and also the push of a button on an app, SONTE film-covered windows can go from clear to opaque in no time. The film also reduces energy prices.

Philips Hue connected bulb

The bulbs operate with a bridge device and an app that lets users turn on and of f compatible bulbs as well as change the bulb colours. As of this moment, it is actually cool and perfect for entertaining or parties, but it isn’t for an all-around lighting system.

Nest Learning Thermostat

It currently works with highend HVAC components and makes your home life simpler because, as you use the ther most at, it learns what you like and prog rams itsel f to match the consumer’s requirements. It can be adjusted remotely with compatible smartphones.

Swann 960H TruBlue 4200 series

It allows to get realtime, 30-frames-per-second reside seeing. Additionally for those who travel a good deal, the added DVR is capable of recording for weeks at a time.

Kwikset Kevo

Of the few smart locks coming to the current market, Kwikset Kevo is the most normal-looking of this bunch -which in our eyes translates into safest, as a door lock should not be an attention-getter. Kwikset works with Bluetooth Smart enabled phones to seamlessly unlock doors with a single touch.

Sonos Playbar

Through the Sonos app (for iPhone, iPad or Android), the Playbar allows you to listen to your iTunes library, SiriusXM and TuneIn Radio, and more audio apps in addition to your television – with one apparatus. Powered by six woofers, three tweeters along with a digital amplifier, sounds are always crisp.

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