Most Expensive First Class Plane Tickets Ever

All of us want to live pour life king size. But this one is really King size. Check out the most expensive first class airplane tickets ever. You will definitely be astounded

Emirates: $30,000

This is definitely the most costly first class plane ticket you are ever going to see. In the very first class Emirates cottage on board of the A380, you can take a shower at 40,000ft above the ground as a result of the in-flight spa, which features a gorgeous marble design and Bvlgari toiletries. Your first class seat is a personal suite equipped with privacy doors and mini-bar. Choose from a choice of dishes that include healthy choices or traditional Arabic mezze and enjoy your food served on Royal Doulton china plates with Robert Welch cutlery.

Etihad Airways: $29,000

Etihad has ever been very luxurious. Even if you travel ahead of the official December launch of Etihad’s new first-class cabin The Residence, you always have access to the ultimate in luxury when traveling first-class with the airline. Your journey will start on the ground with a chauffeur and concierge service and use of some five-star dinner and a spa in the airport. The company also makes the seats of Ferrari and Maserati automobiles.

Korean Air: $27,000

And today we have, Korean air giants. The airline’s motto for its first course Kosmo Suites is: Find a hotel at 40,000 feet. Its compact seats recline and extend at the touch of a button and the personal space can equally be changed to a comfortable working area. Put on the Bose noise-canceling headphones to forget about the outside world and watch a movie on your own 23-inch LCD screen. Sip on Laurent-Perrier Alexandra Rose 1998 champagne and sample Oriental dishes from the airline’s award winning menu. And for the pleasure?

Cathay Pacific: $25,000

Cathay Pacific provides you a once in a life encounter. The airline recently updated its first course pods to incorporate a thick mattress which will cause you to forget that you’re on a plane particularly as soon as you slip to the organic cotton pajamas supplied. You will be served an array of Hong Kong dishes created in the state-of-the-art kitchen featuring rice cookers and steam ovens. Pamper yourself with a private amenity kit accepted by Ermenegildo Zegna for your men and Trussardi for the women. A first-class ticket in Hong Kong to New York may cost $25,000 and much more.

Japan Airlines: $24,000

Time for some Japanese technology. Available on international flights, the Japan Airlines first class cabin includes the JAL Suite, an individual compartment with a classy wood grain interior in which your seat transforms into a bed when you are prepared to doze-off. The mattress and pillow are intended to keep up your body in a perfect seated or lying position, but if you do get achy you can ask for a bamboo massage stick for the bottoms of your feet or a portable air-massaging device.

Virgin Atlantic: $21,000

Virgin Atlantic is unquestionably among the very popular Airlines around the world. The airline’s hottest Upper Class Suite has a lounge atmosphere, complete with dimmed purple light and Swarovski crystal accents. Grab beverages and interact with other elite passengers in the on-board bar, which is distinct from the rest of the cottage. Whether you’re there to work through the flight or have a good time, you can adjust the light of your suite to meet your mood thanks to the mood lighting method. Remain in touch with folks on the ground with the AeroMobile feature that lets you send and receive texts and calls from your own mobile phone. A first-class flight from New York to Singapore can cost $21,000 as well as up.

Singapore Airlines: $18,400

Among the most rapidly growing nation in Southeast Asia is Singapore. Engineer Derek Low’s blog post about his adventure traveling outstanding about the Singapore Airline’s A380 aircraft went viral because of it’s vivid description of exactly what a luxury airline ticket can get you. Once on the airplane, he took pictures of every luxe detail available to him, from the Givenchy pajamas and bedding into the Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit and out of the five-course dinner into the luxury double bed.

Qantas: $14,974

True to the Australian origins, the airline’s exceptional seats transforms into a flat bed with a comfy sheepskin mattress. The single suite also includes plenty of room for your belongings and an ottoman chair. Love an eight-course dinner menu put together by famed Australian chef Neil Perry and also consult the Sommelier in the Sky to get hints on wine and Champagne pairings.


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