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Coolest Houses In The World

Ever wished to live at a really cool house that no one has? This one is definitely for you.

Transparent Home, Japan

They literally don’t have anything to hide in this totally transparent residence. It sounds kind of odd and frightening to spend a few nights in the see-through house situated in Tokyo, Japan. It was built by Sou Fujimoto Architects, inspired by our ancient allies who inhabited trees. The house owners for certain have a lot of day light but zero privacy. Even the men and women who reside inside can see where they are each moment. Wait, what about there baths?

Skateboard House, USA


A dream home for all the skaters. The Skateboard House is the project of a private residence, and it is built in Malibu, California. In this home residents can skate any surfaces and areas, in and outdoors. The client and visionary of the project is Pierre Andre Senizergues (PAS), a former World winner and Pro Skater and also the founder of Etnies.

Former water tower is now a home; Belgium

A very different place to make your house. This tower has been built nearly 100 decades back, and was once even used as a Nazi hide-out during the World War 2. The house is a 100-feet high water tower which was in service till 1990. The Bham Design Studio started developing this tower renovation job in 2007, and eventually it was one family flat, ordered on five floors.

Dick Clark’s Flintstones Inspired Home, USA

If u ask me about my favourite from the list then that definitely must be this wonder home. This single-story construction house with it’s rocky interior looks was created to totally resemble the ancient home of Fred Flinstone. Television legend Dick Clark possessed this location but then decided to sell it for $3.5 million. It is located at Miami, Florida.

Slide House, Japan

Keep sliding and keep alive. This is ideal if the owners have small children, but even adults can not resist this lovely house with slides. Japanese Studio LEVEL Architects has designed this odd three-story family home with a slide which joins all three floors. This fun house includes with staircases and a corridor on both sides, and the slide on the opposing side, which together form a circular route round the central area of the area. It’s very fun to slide down to the living room rather to walk down the staircase. The owners would likely never get bored in the home.

Stone House, Portugal

This reminds me of rock age era. You wouldn’t even consider that this stone can really be a house in which people live. Just the rooftop can force you to wonder what is going on, but then if you move around it you will see a door, a chimney and windows. It is a great tourist attraction in the country.

World’s Smallest 1sq Meter House, Germany

Yes, it is! Probably, the coolest of all. It is known as “One-Sqm-House” and is most likely the smallest home in the world. It is a do-it-yourself wooden construction, with just 1 square meter of space and may be used as a residence location, portable kiosk or even an extra room within your flat. It’s a flipping mechanism, therefore it may be used both vertically and horizontally. The home weighs only 40 kilos and has wheels, so could be moved around easily, or perhaps even lift it in your own arms.

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