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Apple ditches Bing for Google search results in Siri and Spotlight

Apple has removed Bing because the default search engine for Siri internet search results in iOS and in Spotlight on the mackintosh in favor of Google, according to TechCrunch. The switch has already begun to roll intent on iPhone and mac users, and will be completed this afternoon.

“Switching to Google as the internet search provider for Siri, Search among iOS and Spotlight on mac can enable these services to own a consistent internet search expertise with the default in safari,” Apple told TechCrunch in an exceedingly statement. Apple is keeping Bing because the default search engine for images in each Siri and Spotlight on mac, and YouTube can still handle video searches.

Apple has seemingly timed the amendment with the release of macOS high sierra today, rather than with the release of iOS 11 last week. The move ought to facilitate improve search results (unless you’re within the “Bing is best than Google” camp) once Siri doesn’t have the solution to an issue you asked. Google will become the default search engine for the iOS search bar as well.

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