10 Ways You Kill Your iPhone While Charging

Charging to 100%- Not Good

There are a number of individuals who keep hurrying to control their mobiles when their telephone’s charge falls a point under 100%. But were you aware that always charging your telephone to keep whole battery is a really terrible thing and harms your cell phone.


Don’t Let Your Phone Die

Were you aware that each and every time you allow your cellphone expire, your iPhone’s battery or lithium ion batteries break and resulting in the wearing down of your battery’s lifetime? What specialists suggest is to let your iPhone to fully discharge once every 2 weeks to permit battery calibration.


Overheating Is Also Very Bad

That’s because iPhone batteries are extremely sensitive, which impacts the telephone’s performance a fantastic thing. The batteries are extremely sensitive to heat in addition to cold, the perfect temperature for the Iphone is involving 32-95 levels.


Maintaining A Constant Temperature

An individual may think mobile battery pack and charging instances are life savers, particularly when running low on mobile batteries. But they’re quite bad for the iPhones since the battery pack/case give off heat, which then heats your cell phone. It is best advised to resort to mobile charging systems only when you’re in a crisis.


Phone Cases Are A Big No No During Charge

It goes without mentioning that there are lots of approaches to overheat an iPhone, such as your telephone case. So make sure you remove your telephone case during charging.


Back Up Phone Battery

Experts say that you shouldn’t keep your backup phone with no charge. Since this leads to degrading of their battery’s charge holding capability.



Constantly use the charger that you had been given for your iPhone, for your particular telephone and version. As though there are lots of cheap non-expensive charges readily available on the internet, they’re harmful since they harm your cellphone battery and catch fire readily.



Your display’s brightness is just one big factor that drains your battery promptly. Do not unnecessarily maintain your display brightness as really high and maintain your lock period as 1 minute.


WiFi and Data Factor

Always maintaining your WiFi or information on constantly will drain your battery quite fast. So turn them off when not being used.


Apps And Notification

So turn off program telling and upgrades, to conserve battery.





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